Don’t Insert Hand

dont insert

All I want to do right now is insert my hand. I need to. I am in a slightly sticky pub somewhere near Lancaster, I hear the slight suck of my hand leaving the table and wonder at who wants to spend £13.99 on Gammon and Pineapple here. Maybe to read last Tuesday’s i paper. I suddenly feel depressed and think of all the things and places in the world I have not seen because I am in a slightly sticky pub near Lancaster. I have ennui but I cannot revel or drown in it because someone is trying to chat to me. He looks a bit BNP. Meanwhile my child is trying to insert his hand in the machine.  I wait to see what occurs.


2 Responses to “Don’t Insert Hand”

  • looby Says:

    Now you’ve got me guessing…

  • cyberfairy Says:

    He inserted his hand. Sadly he gained no random money or terrible gelatinous sweets for an outrageous price. His hand came back out slightly more stickily than before. Something I would not have previously thought possible.

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