Be careful in Settle.

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I am not allowed to take photographs in a museum in Settle.



It is a small museum that you have to pay to enter. There is nothing of particular interest in the museum in Settle apart from some Okish chairs and a vaguely pleasing window which I am afraid I can’t show you because you are not allowed to take photos in the museum.

Maybe those stacked plastic chairs are of particular interest to ISIS? I hope they are. I would quite welcome a violent insurgency right now due to the lack of a nice licensed tearoom.

I try to take my time to get my three quid’s worth of value but after a look at some pottery shards, I just want it all to end in a massacre of gunfire so take a quick photo. Sadly I remain alive, I don’t even get tutted at so I go to look at overpriced bronze hares in a shop that sells overpriced bronzed hares and Farrow and Ball paint.

Set 2

A bakery named The Naked Man is sadly not what it purports to be but a feta cheese  and spinach pasty numbs the pain despite the  disturbing lack of gunned insurrectionists. I suspect they have seen the sad remains of spinach residing in my teeth, noticed the fact that people will pay sixty pounds to have their walls in the same shade as ‘Elephants Breath’ and been told off for not paying Gift Aid when storming the museum.

Settle one

Thus Settle remains quiet.

2 Responses to “Be careful in Settle.”

  • looby Says:

    The residents of Seattle will sleep at ease in their beds tonight then!

    There do seem to be a lot of hare statuettes around lately. Perhaps they’re terrorists in disguise, or bombs.

    Hope you had a good time there though. Supposed to be the boho capital of the northern US isn’t it?

  • cyberfairy Says:

    A very belated reply as not seen it- sorry! Settle is a small sleepy Yorkshire village sadly lacking in beautiful dead rock stars and heroin- although I left at 6pm which is when from past experience, small sleepy provincial towns become alive with class A drugs.

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