Wray Festival 2014 (with a furry Lou Reed)


I could probably not write anything else and people would be sated and happy to see a picture of a furry Lou Reed on a bank holiday.

Like a grim analogy of the current government, this mechanical boot kicks limp defeated buttocks for all eternity.

I was vaguely disappointed at slightly less political scarecrows than usual. The theme was Heroes and Villains but I think Wray might have overdone sarcastic Nick Clegg scarecrows and Con/Dem alliance puns in previous years.

However when living in a leafy well off village in Lancashire, one can always be cross about something.

Now without going all Daily Mail, I generally prefer not to narrow that fraught line between scarecrows, Toy Story and sex.


I’m not sure if you can make out the handcuffs in this one. They may have been obscured by the beer. If I lived in Wray, I might well make obscene scarecrows just for the lols and not having to make small talk when picking my child up from nursery as I would be delightfully shunned like a harlot from the past.

I’ve always wanted to be that.

Ghandi in paper mache form still made me feel at peace with myself and I stopped wanting to make a scarecrow from a sex doll just to annoy my fantasy neighbours.


It is absolutely definitely time for another furry Lou Reed interlude.

It’s how he always wanted to be remembered.

He actually flashed! No cock shot sadly. But a pressed button and a flirtish lift of the kilt. I had to sit down for a bit.

A sentiment I am sure we’ve all felt.

Hurray! It’s Nigel himself! With a fag and an empty pint. A splendidly posh man booms happily at him. I am unsure whether he realises it is a scarecrow representation of the man.

Enjoy your bank holiday and remember, sleep tight everyone…

3 Responses to “Wray Festival 2014 (with a furry Lou Reed)”

  • cyberfairy Says:

    I would have literally died of happiness to see a pussy riot scarecrow! Was there a plan for a scarecrow Putin?
    I will think about nothing else now ever again.
    I remember the Pinocchio with its extended protrusion :-)
    Many thanks for your kind words- I love Wray and often think of the political outrage/people being a bit cold in the tearoom if you are half arsed about the scarecrow fest or do something a bit risque. Like Caroline Lucas.
    And been thinking of another trip to Cockersands for a while- with a three year old, I will not be thinking about the past though, just trying not to slaughter him whilst I look for the nearest place to buy an overpriced icecream. Still, a wonderful place and thanks again for your comment xx

  • looby Says:

    Wasn’t it a great festival? I loved the voting booth. (Yes, of course). I didn’t see Ghandi or Woody though.

  • narf7 Says:

    “Alex Salmond” or “Alexi Sayle”? Not quite sure who this scarecrow is really emulating. LOVE furry Lou Reed and am going to petition the muppet show for some of their retired muppets to shove broomsticks up their hand holes and do justice to my ever increasing pumpkin patch. Err…not entirely sure what to say about the Toy Story image. I think I might just back away from it … very …slowly… not entirely sure that IS Woody and Buzz to be honest, looks more like Mr Potato head and one of his mates having a joke at Woody and Buzz’s expense! LOVE that Ghandi but too peaceful for my wild patch, might get eaten by the rats when they take a break from eating my pumpkins…The more I look at furry Lou Reed, the more he looks like my husband. Straw down the pants and all! I just about fell off my chair with the rocking horse and am stifling my early morning (4.54am) yuks in order to prevent a dog influx in my little kitchen of quietude. Might be nice to warn we nocturnal and early morning creatures about the approach of images like that ;).

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