I forgot a clever thing I was going to write about Milnthorpe

There was something very clever I was going to say about Milnthorpe.

I was pleased with my splendid wry bon mot. It was definitely a site specific phrase as well. I don’t normally do this but because I was amazed with the fecundity of my brain, I laboriously stabbed it into the Notes app of my dieing Samsung. Just like Charles Dickens. Then did not press ‘save.’

Forgetting and/or losing something you have created instantly make is it the best thing to have ever existed.

Milnthorpe is quite small and I was waiting for a lift anyway so I walked around it again for that ‘oh fuck, that was the inspiration for that amazing witty thing what I wrote then deleted then forgot.’

But the squat grey buildings stared at me impassively.

I have either missed a major artery of Milnthorpe or am just stupid (both equally valid options) because in my head there was a really good bit (now escalated to just like Narnia in my head)  but in real life, just struggling veins clawing out of the main artery of  a few random shops  and a Friday only market where I guilt purchased a small amount of  shockingly priced cheese because the man was nice and I did not want him to think I was poor.


Then I sulked about being nice but poor  in a graveyard whilst eating a tiny piece of organic blue Yorkshire cheese.

There was definitely something funny and humorous that I wrote about but I just can’t see it.


When I saw it, I thought of my few readers rolling in the aisles at my sly dig at The Funny Thing.

But I looked around Milnthorpe again and did not find anything funny anywhere at all.

This will haunt me for ever more.


2 Responses to “I forgot a clever thing I was going to write about Milnthorpe”

  • narf7 Says:

    Oh BOLLOCKS! I commisterate. Don’t you hate that? I spend my life laughing out loud at hilarious things that I find as I survive my days and then in an instant they are gone. I guess some hilarious things are only meant for one? Cheers for the gratuitious doggy shot. It would seem that dogs all over the world have that same hopeful yet subdued look about them. They all ooze “walk?” Not today little dog. Maybe you will be released from your blue prison to walk tomorrow…

  • cyberfairy Says:

    See also the pathetically hopeful yet dolefully resigned and tragically crushed look every dog tied up outside a supermarket gives to whoever walks out of the automatic doors. It’s worse when you hear something hilarious and think, ‘I must tell…that’ and think about it all day to then forget. Yet, still all the lyrics to Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby remain in my head.

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